Air-Drive 2 Wing FanAssembled Prop Fans


Two-Wing Assembled Props are designed for quiet operation and maximum airflow delivery. Common applications include: unitary air-conditioners, rooftop packaged units, heat pumps, unit heaters, ventilators and exhaust units.

Engineering Specs:

Fan diameters from 16″ through 24″ with one or two set screw hubs. All pitch angles between 10 and 40 degrees are standard. Available in either clockwise or counterclockwise fan rotations. Hub may be positioned on either intake or discharge side of fan. Standard hub bore sizes include: 1/2″ and 5/8″ IDs. All props are computer balanced.


Choice of aluminum or galvalume steel blades. Choice of steel or galvalume steel spiders with steel zinc plated hubs. All materials are RoHS compliant.

Fan Performance Maximum Ratings:

Props tested at: 40° pitch angle, 1140 RPM, 0-static pressure.

  • 16″ prop diameter delivers a max of 2500 CFM
  • 18″ prop diameter delivers a max of 3300 CFM
  • 20″ prop diameter delivers a max of 4500 CFM
  • 22″ prop diameter delivers a max of 6000 CFM
  • 24″ prop diameter delivers a max of 8000 CFM