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Air-Drive 4 Wing DZ Model

Assembled Prop Fans – DZ Model

Air-Drive 4-Wing-HSP

High Static Pressure, Quiet, One-Piece Fan

Air-Drive 4-Wing-One-Piece

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Air-Drive 4-Wing-R-Type


SIZES: 4″ to 6.75″ diameters.

MATERIALS: Aluminum or galvanized blades. Aluminum or steel hubs.

FEATURES: One-piece construction with patented hubbing method. Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. Any degree pitch for your particular application. Axial flow of air.


4 Wing Prop Series
Fan Dia.Prop SeriesHubPitchBWMax. RPM
4.00"FO-404-30Std. Bore*30°.437".625"4200
5.00"FO-504-20Std. Bore*20°.312".75"4200
FO-504-30Std. Bore*30°.625"1.00"
FO-504-40Std. Bore*40°.750"1.312"
5.50"FO-554-20Std. Bore*20°.375".75"4200
FO-554-25Std. Bore*25°.375".875"
FO-554-30Std. Bore*30°.687"1.00"
6.00"FO-604-20Std. Bore*20°.375".75"4200
FO-604-25Std. Bore*25°.375".875"
FO-604-30Std. Bore*30°.687"1.00"
RU-604-35Std. Bore*35°1.375"2.25"
6.50"FO-654-20Std. Bore*20°.375".75"4200
FO-654-25Std. Bore*25°.375".875"
FO-654-30Std. Bore*30°.687"1.00"
6.75"RU-674-29Std. Bore*29°1.125"1.875"4200