Air-Drive: 9-petal

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2″ to 9.37″ diameters.


Aluminum or galvanized blades. Aluminum or steel hubs.


One-piece construction with patented hubbing method. Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.

Radial blades move air in a direction 90 degrees from the motor shaft. They are produced in either steel or aluminum material, with Air-Drive’s patented hub/locking system. Also are available with a low cost extruded hub for press-on fit to the motor shaft. Four different designs to choose from with blade heights ranging from .34″ to 1.37″. Delivers air volume of up to 250CFM.

Ideally suited for OEM applications requiring limited space and 90 degree air flow. Our 9-petal design, pictured on the right, has a 4.5″ OD and 1.12″ blade height. Used in a draft inducer application on pellet stove products.